Guillaume 'Guy' Moll


Guillaume Laurent "Guy" Moll
Born: 28 May 1910, Algeria
Died: 15 August 1934, Pescara, Italy

Guy Moll was a international racing driver for only two years, and works driver for less that one season. Yet in that short time he made such an impact that his name is forever written into the annals of Grand Prix racing. Enzo Ferrari once compared him to drivers like Moss and Nuvolari and said that if Moll had lived on he would have become one of the real greats.

Guy Moll son of a Spanish mother and a French father, who went to live in Algeria was discovered by Marcel Lehoux in 1932, when his talent stood out while driving a Lorraine in a local race.
Lehoux offered Guy Moll to participate in Grand Prix racing and after obtaining the go ahead from Guy’s parents, he contacted Alfa Romeo, who took the young Moll in the 1934 team with Varzi, Chiron and Nuvolari.

He was considered one of the rising stars in Grand Prix racing, his career is very short, but certainly not without success.
The 2nd of April 1934 Guy wins the Grand Prix of Monaco, the 6th of May 1934 he shares first place with Varzi in the Grand Prix of Tripoli, the 27th May Guy wins the Grand Prix of Germany at Avus and the the 15th of October 1934 he is killed at age 24 in an accident in Pescara, when he was just taking the lead in the race.

Guy Moll is buried in the cemetery of Maison Carrée Alger in Algeria.

Arrival of the winner of Monaco in 1934

Guy in the Alfa with Enzo Ferrari looking on

With the cup and his mentor Charles Faroux  in Monaco

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